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A Dry Home Is A Happy Home!

Water Damage Prevention

There should always be a solution to a problem.  Most floods are avoidable when addressed properly.  Most people will have their lesson the hard way and decide to prevent it from happening again.

The variety of problems could be related to the following:

  • Improper grading
  • Underground water level fluctuations
  • Roofing and gutter issues
  • Foundation Issues
  • Plumbing and appliance problems
  • Any other issues not included above, relating to the inside and the inside.

Any extended moisture in an affected area will grow mold by spreading its spores – spores we breath in.

Be it a residential house or a commercial building, water damage will allow the mold to flourish – until it is remediated.

Water Damage and Mold Remediation

Damage to unwelcome water penetration (flooding) could be extremely destructive, both structurally and environmentally.  If not taken care of immediately (like within a day or 2) there could be major negative consequences.

Before attempting any remediation, disable all electric power supplied to the flooded area.

Some of the major concerns is rot to set in and mold to flourish.

As an immediate step, remove and eliminate the water and the moisture present.

The primary steps to be taken are:

  • Remove all the flood water you can by pumping it out, or any other method, like by the bucketful.
  • Move  all and everything loose and not fixed to a wall or floor OUT to allow to dry.
  • Mop all the wet surfaces
  • Open all the windows available,  if present.
  • Set up multiple fans across the room to increase ventilation
  • If carpeted, either remove the carpet altogether or have it suspended off the floor by some supports, like plastic milk crates or similar.  Blow air in that void until mostly dry.  And do the same across the whole area.  After a day or two, the carpet may be worthless, unless it is weather-proof.
  • A special attential should be spent addressing the walls.  Any drywall, if not taken care of right away, will absorb the water it is in contact with and will start growing mold behind it (inside the wall, on both sides of the partition.

Water Issues and Mold Consultation

We offer directions and advice on steps strategy in resolving your flood situation – or preventing it from happening (again?).   We will issue a report based on our findingsfollowing the necessary visit(s).